Oct 21 2014

Carradice in Tweed!

Carradice Barley Saddlebag w/Harris Tweed Top

Recently I met with David of Carradice and got a look at some new Limited Edition saddlebags. These lovely British bags have integrated a Scottish twist by adding Harris wool tweed to the top of their ever-beloved waterproof cotton duck.
We have received the Harris Tweed Barley Saddlebag as well as the Harris Tweed Zipped Roll Saddlebag and we will be keeping our eyes open for any other Limited Edition bags from Carradice.

Carradice of Nelson Harris Tweed Bags


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Sep 30 2014

Nutcase 2015 – The Metroride!

Nutcase Founder Michael Morrow and me (wearing a MetroRide)

Two years ago Nutcase showed a new style of commuter helmet at the cycling trade show (Interbike). The Metroride was a lighter-weight, sleeker commuter helmet than their hugely popular Street Series. The design was a mix of retro-rad with the updating of Nutcase’s beloved graphic styling. I thought it would look great on the shelves at Calhoun Cycle and I loved that it would push what people considered a commuter helmet. Sadly Nutcase had difficulty getting it into production and the Metroride never made it to market.
That year the Giro Reverb came along with a very similar look, feel and purpose. We like the Reverb and sell many of them. While they lacked the stylized graphics, they pushed the envelope in regards to identifying what a commuter helmet was.
A couple of weeks ago I was being shown the 2015 Nutcase lineup at Interbike and the Metroride helmet is back and looking great. This time nutcase is confident about it’s production. That is fantastic news to us!
Nutcase is also adding a Baby Nutty which will fit down to 47cm for the one year olds searching out a fun helmet that could match their bigger brothers and sisters.
We are big fans of Nutcase helmets at Calhoun Cycle and are happy to see them developing new, great products.

Nutcase Helmets



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Sep 22 2014

New 2015 Brompton Colo(u)rs

New 2015 Brompton colors

A few weeks ago, Brompton Bicycle announced several new colors set to debut in 2015. They are: three ‘brights’: Berry Crush, Lagoon Blue, Lime Green and three ‘classics’ Ivory, Cherry Blossom, Tempest Blue. To make room for the new colors, eight existing colors will be retiring, including Yellow, Sage Green, Claret, Cobalt Blue, Desert Sand, Hot Pink, Apple Green, Arctic Blue. Black, White, Red, Orange, Racing Green and Turkish Green (and Raw Lacquer, the official un-color of Brompton worldwide) will all remain part of the line-up.

Luke just returned from Interbike, where he had the chance to see the new 2015 Brompton colors in person for the first time. Seeing the photos of all of the colors together at once (as above), we’re all excited for what’s to come. And while there hasn’t been much word about it yet, new black components will be available with select frame colors beginning next year…

Lime Green Brompton

Brompton’s new Lime Green with select components in Black

These will be Black Special Edition Brompton folding bikes, available in either 2- or 6-speeds in S, M, and H Model-Types. Available colors for Black Special Edition bikes will be Lime Green, Berry Crush, Lagoon Blue, and Black.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Brompton in any of the colors that will be retiring this year, you can check out our in-stock Bromptons at CalhounCycle.com. For special—or B-Spoke—orders, call the shop at 612-827-8000 by October 1st. Interested in a 2015 color? Watch for details about availability right here!

Lagoon Blue Brompton

Brompton’s new Lagoon Blue

Vanilla Brompton

Brompton’s new Vanilla, now to be called Ivory

Brompton Tempest Blue

Brompton’s new Tempest Blue

Brompton Berry Crush

Brompton’s new Berry Crush

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Sep 05 2014

A Great Year is Topped off With a Huge Industry Honor!

Calhoun Cycle Group Rides

I’d like to thank our world class customers for helping to make 2014 a great season. It has been a very rewarding year at the shop. A great mix of social rides, a high volume of repair projects and a world of people riding their bikes (new and old) into the shop in need… Racks, bags, baskets, tires, tubes, power-assists, apparel and on and on. Calhoun Cycle is truly blessed to have so many customers that ride their bikes every day!

2014 Interbike Awards

To top off the 2014 season, Calhoun Cycle has been nominated with just 4 other shops across the country as the BEST URBAN/LIFESTYLE Bike Shop by THE cycle industry magazine—Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, also known as BRAIN—as a part of Interbike‘s first annual industry awards gala. Known as the IB Awards, the event will celebrate the bike industry’s success and innovation. This is a great honor for us and it’s all thanks to YOU, our fabulous customers that are willing to look at the bicycle as a transportation tool as well as a fine way to get some exercise.

A complete list of nominees in all categories is available here (PDF). Categories for the retailer awards include Best Urban/Lifestyle Shop, Best Pro Road Shop, Best Mountain Bike Shop, among others, with five nominees within each category. Winners will be announced at the IB Awards in Las Vegas, Thursday, September 11, 2014.

Thanks to all of you great customers as well as the fabulous staff of Calhoun Cycle for making this possible.

Luke Breen




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