Feb 23 2015

Carradice Harris Tweed City Folder for Brompton

Caaradice, Harris Tweed & Brompton

Carradice of Nelson bike bags have long been the standard among randonnuer riders around the globe. Being 100% reliable and intensely durable are essential features in that cycling arena. Carradice has proven itself to be one of the most dependable brands through the test of time (and very hard use).

Carradice of Nelson

Calhoun Cycle has been importing Carradice from England for nearly 20 years and were the first in North America to import the Brompton specific Carrradice City Folder (see a 2008 Shopcast post HERE). When Carradice introduced the Stockport City Folder for Bromptons (including S bar types) we were quick to bring them across the pond and introduce them to North America.

Carradice Originals City Folder, Stockport and City Folder in Harris Tweed Edition
Carradice Originals City Folder, Stockport City Folder and the new Harris Tweed Edition City Folder

This past fall Carradice introduced their Harris Tweed bags and we fell in love with the look that tweed added to an already iconic design. Now Carradice has added a Harris Tweed City Folder and Calhoun Cycle purchased the first production run (obviously we’re a bit excited about this bag). The Harris Tweed bags add tweed flaps onto the waterproof cotton duck, so the bags are just as weatherproof as the non-tweed models.
Here are some pictures of the Tweed City Folder:

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Feb 19 2015

We’re Hiring – Sales Manager

Calhoun Cycle is hiring a full-time Sales Manager

At the end of January we said goodbye to long-time Calhoun Cycle Sales Manager (and Tiny Bike Shop Concert sound engineer extraordinaire) Greg Neis. We will miss having Greg around the shop on the daily, but we are excited to grow and expand our team once more for the 2015 season. All that is to say, we’re hiring a new Sales Manager.

Interested in applying? Know someone who would be perfect for this tiny bike shop? Read on!

Position: Sales Manager, full time

The Sales Manager plays a critical role in the success of the Calhoun Cycle brand. The position is responsible for leading the sales team, identifying opportunities to increase sales, managing the shop’s schedule, and coordinating special projects with the service team.

Successful candidates will:

  • Maintain organization amidst a regular stream of projects; including event planning, custom-build consults, and promotions.
  • Be comfortable training seasonal staff to ensure each gains the necessary product knowledge to assist customers with Calhoun Cycle’s unique inventory.
  • Have a friendly and approachable attitude when interacting with all customers and employees.
  • Demonstrate expertise in the technical aspects of the bicycle, yet share an openness and enthusiasm to work with cyclists of all abilities.

Experience required:

  • A minimum of 3 years of retail management experience, preferably in the bicycle or outdoor industry.
  • B.A. in business or retail management preferred, but not required.
  • Proven track record in achieving store sales goals and in leading a sales team.

Bonus points for:

  • Knowledge of key Calhoun Cycle products/brands: Brompton, ICE trikes, Linus, Brooks, cargo bikes, recumbent bikes & trikes, Tubus racks, Schwalbe tires, Arkel, Ortlieb, and Carradice bags
  • Impressing us with your Brompton fold
  • Proficiency with Mac OSX

Compensation & Benefits:

  • This position offers a competitive salary
  • Access to the Calhoun Cycle Employee Purchase Program

How to apply:

Interested applicants should fill out Calhoun Cycle’s job application form. Be sure to specify “Sales Manager” under position sought. Additional materials, while not required, may be sent by mail to Calhoun Cycle, 3342 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408. No phone calls, please. For more information about Calhoun Cycle, visit calhouncycle.com. This position will remain open until filled.

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Jan 30 2015

The EVO S+ Bar for Brompton… a Better S Bar?


EVO S+ w/S Bar Shadow

We like the Brompton S-Type bikes here at Calhoun Cycle. In fact we like the S-Type so much that we have developed a handlebar customization to make it a better fit for more riders. The stiffness of the bars gives a great feel of the road and a touch more confidence when you’re pushing it (like you might be late for work if you don’t work it a bit), but the stock Brompton S bar is quite narrow and low, which limits its practicality for many riders. The EVO S+ Bar keeps the stiffness and handling benefits, but adds width as well as height, making this setup fit a wider range of riders. The S+ bar improves the ergonomics, yet the bike keeps the clean, simple lines of the stock S-Type (arguably the sexiest of the Brompton model types).

EVO S+ Bar

Brompton customizations are different from tweaking most bikes in that the smallest change can get in the way of the bike’s magnificently fast fold or prevent the folded package from being its very smallest. Changing either of those features would be a horrible thing indeed. The EVO S+ handlebar customization does not affect the fold or the folded size, so if you are considering making the change, it’s simply a matter of whether the S+ bars would be a nice upgrade for you. We have bikes in the shop that are setup with the S+ bars. Riding one of our S+ test bikes a ride would be the easiest way to decide, but many of you know from your other bikes that you may or may not be interested. From our experience the S+ setup would be an ergonomic and handling improvement for anyone riding an S-Type bike.

EVO S+ Handlebar w/Ergon GPS2 Grips

NOTES: The EVO S+ Bar Package was designed to be a customization to Brompton S-Type bikes. Brompton stem risers are specific to each type of handlebar (S, M, P & H). The S-Type and the H-Type stems are the same height, so either of these stems will work with the S+ bar packages, though at this point we have only made the conversion using S-Type bikes. The H-Type stem has a slightly (1/2″) shorter reach from the saddle and being that Bromptons are quite short regarding saddle to handlebar reach, we would not expect many people to convert an H-Type bike to the S+ Bar. Mind you, if you came across a used H-Type Brompton or simply purchased an H-Type thinking you’d want the highest handlebar height and now you’re wanting a bit stiffer a front end, then this conversion would make perfect sense.

EVO S+ Bar Package

PACKAGES: All the cables have to be setup perfectly to keep Bromptons running and folding without issue. The S+ bar is adding 45mm of rise, which means that all the cables need to be lengthened. We have put together packages for all Brompton models. If you are using standard Brompton grips, you will need to buy new grips because they are glued onto the handlebar and can’t be removed without cutting them off. We’d recommend looking into Ergon grips (if you’re not already using them). These are very ergonomically friendly grips and if you’re looking into the S+ conversion, we’d guess that you are in the ergonomic appreciation boat (with us). If you are using a grip that is removable, you have the option to buy your package without grips.

Here are the EVO S+ Packages:
1-speed: handlebar, grips and brake cable/housing kit
2-speed: handlebar, grips, brake & shifter cable/housing kit
3-speed: handlebar, grips, brake & shifter cable/housing kit
6-speed: handlebar, grips, brake & both shifter cable/housing kit

The cable kits are assembled assuming that you’ll be re-using what is possible re-use (like using the rear brake cable as your front brake cable).
If you are not local to Calhoun Cycle, we’d recommend that you have the package installed at your local Brompton dealer. If you’re bringing the bike to a non-Brompton dealer for the install, be sure they understand that the routing of the cables is very, very specific on Brompton bikes and their techs will need to keep the routing the same as it already is (improving cable routing is something most mechanics will want to do…which is usually great, but very problematic on a Brompton).

EVO S+ w/Ergon GP2-S GripsBelow is a pricelist that includes the Packages that are available. The starting package of $59.97 assumes that you would need grips. We’d love to get you setup with the EVO S+ Package as we think it is a great customization for riders of S-Type Brompton bikes. If you’re shopping for a bike and thought that the S-Type bike was only suited for petite riders, we’d recommend that you re-think that and come in for a ride.

EVO S+ Bar Kit Pricelist

Check out the EVO S+ Bar product video:EVO S+ Product Video



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Dec 31 2014

Using Your Dynamo Hub to charge a smartphone

Dynamo Light Display Bike                                                           This is our Dynamo demo display bike
It’s no secret that we’re big fans of using Dynamo hubs to power lights. The idea of being my very own utility power station makes me smile almost as much as knowing that my lights will ALWAYS be ready for me when I’m headed out on the road.
Now we have a variety of products that use the same Dynamo hub energy to charge a wide variety of USB devices. Your dynamo hub can charge your GPS unit or your smartphone during long rides. Touring cyclists can charge USB devices on the road. All you need to make these products work is a  front wheel with a dynamo hub.
Here are our Dynamo powered USB charging options:

Busch & Mueller Luxos U                           Busch & Müller Luxos U Dynamo Headlight/USB charger

IQ2 LUXOS U HEADLIGHT: This is what we think the future of dynamo lights will be. Weird to say, being that it is a product available today, but we expect all the high quality dynamo lights to eventually have a USB charging port built-in (like the Luxos U has). If you’re looking for a high power dynamo light AND the ability to charge USB devices, this unit is what you’re after. Up to 90 lux of light (floodlight) with a lithium battery cache that charges while riding and powers the floodlight, standlight and USB. The Luxos U has overvoltage protection which is a great feature being that you’ll have your expensive devices plugged into it.

Busch & Mueller USB WERK
                                                                           Busch & Müller’s USB-Werk

USB WERK: Busch & Müller’s USB-Werk uses dynamo power to charge USB devices. Like the Luxos U, the USB-Werk uses a small buffer battery cache to safely charge your iPhone, Android phone, MP3 player, GPS or other USB devices at any speed. The USB-Werk can be used as a stand alone item that is connected to your dynamo hub, or it can be wired along with your dynamo light.

Biologic Reecharge Dynamo USB Charger
Biologic ReeCharge Power Pack

REECHARGE POWER PACK: The Biologic ReeCharge Power Pack is another way to charge your smartphone, cell phone, GPS, iPod or other USB rechargeable device. The Lithium battery on the ReeCharge Power Pack is a bigger battery that you can plug your USB chord into and charge while riding, or simply charge the Reecharge Power Pack’s battery on the road and then use as backup battery power at the campsite. This system also provides a steady current to your device no matter what speed you are riding at. Also of note is that the ReeCharge Power Pack’s battery can be charged by a USB from a computer or a USB wall plug power source (not included).
•       •       •       •       •       •       •       •       •       •        •       •       •       •       •       •       •       •       •       •       •       •
If you are starting from nothing, we’d be hard pressed to recommend anything other than the Luxos U as the light is very high quality (and high powered) and the USB plug is wired to be on your handlebars along with the light’s control button. If you already have a dynamo light, or want something different from the Luxos U (the Luxos U seemed a bit large for my Brompton folder), then the USB-Werk or the ReeCharge Power Pack are excellent options for keeping your smartphone or other USB device powered up.
We are the midwest’s largest dynamo specialist with a large assortment of dynamo hubs, wheels, lights and accessories in stock. We also understand the importance of getting these systems setup properly and we have the expertise to do that very well. Give us a call or stop in if you have questions about getting a dynamo setup for your commuter or to get setup for an around the world tour. Here’s a link to view our Dynamo related items at the shop: Dynamo Lighting

Dynamo Lighting @calhouncycle.com
 Dynamo hubs have limited power output and thus cannot charge all USB rechargeable units. If your device needs 1 amp or more, then you will need to use your dynamo power to charge the ReeCharge Power Pack’s battery which in turn can be used to keep your iPad running. Also you could use the Luxos U or the USB-Werk to charge a small backup battery which could then be used to charge your device. iPads are known to require more than 1 amp to charge and thus cannot be charged off of dynamo power. The output of these dynamo USB ports is .5amps which is actually the same as a USB port on a PC. The reality is that if your screen is off, charging will occur, but very, very slowly so in reality it’s best not to consider it a working option.
MORE NOTES: Good quality dynamo hubs have an output of 6 volts/3 watts of power. These are the huge majority of dynamo hubs in use, BUT there are some 1.5 or 2.4 watt hubs that are made. These are quite low quality and will not work with any of the USB charging units. No worries if you have purchased your dynamo hub from a reputable bike shop, but if you’re an Alibaba or eBay troller you’ll need to be aware…

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